Dealing with sexual assault at festivals: what our local authorities can learn from Spain

July 19, 2016

Festivals and other public events will be held all over Scotland this summer. How can local authorities ensure the personal safety of their citizens at these…

Where are all the women?

July 15, 2016

In a week where we’ve seen the second ever female Prime Minister visit Scotland, it seems appropriate to look at local government and ask: where are…

Brexit and local government

July 6, 2016

James Mitchell (@ProfJMitchell) AcSS, FRSE, professor of public policy and co-director at Edinburgh University’s Academy of Government, discusses what the EU referendum result means for…



Local government and Scotland’s multiple wage standards

July 26, 2016

The introduction of the Scottish local government living wage added an additional rung to the already-complex ladder of pay standards in Scotland. This briefing will explore the various income criteria that currently exist in Scotland and examine the resultant complexities that arise for local government when trying to balance these…

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How the EU works: all you need to know

June 15, 2016

There has been, according to many commentators, an information deficit on the conduct and quality of the debate accompanying the current EU referendum. This report attempts, as far as is possible, to offer a value-free overview of the workings of the EU.

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