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  • George Black CBE, Visiting Professor at the International Public Policy Institute of the University of Strathclyde, and former Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council
  • Professor John H. McKendrick, Glasgow School for Business and Society
  • James Mitchell, Director of Academy of Government, Edinburgh University
  • Paul Cairney, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling and fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change
  • Plus regular content from our network of local government briefing associates and practitioners

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Supporting children and young people with healthcare needs in schools

March 23, 2017

Scottish Government has recently published draft guidance on supporting children with healthcare needs in schools. This briefing explains the rights and responsibilities in this area, and sets out how education authorities can work with NHS boards as well as the policies and procedures they must have in place.

The Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy

March 21, 2017

Scottish Government has a Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy as part of their plans to tackle human trafficking in Scotland, It sets out responsibilities for local authorities to recognise and report individual cases of trafficking and to build on the support that local authorities give to unaccompanied children.

Making Work Pay: The Impact of Low Paid Work in Scotland

March 16, 2017

An analysis of the interaction between local authorities, central government and low paid workers will be undertaken to identify what is and can be done to counteract the negative societal impact of low paid work. This paper will outline the issues presently surrounding low paid work in Scotland.

Delivering Best Value in challenging circumstances

March 14, 2017

Best Value has been part of the local government landscape for twenty years, evolving from a voluntary to statutory basis. This briefing looks at the background to best value, the overall context in which it has operated, and how councils can achieve Best Value over the next few years.

Post-Brexit social cohesion

March 9, 2017

The full extent of Britain’s choice to leave the EU will be felt over a number of years following the vote. However, issues such as the social impact and cohesiveness in our town cities and schools are already being felt. This briefing will look at the impact Brexit has had…

Women in local government in Scotland

March 8, 2017

This briefing aims to give an overview of the experience of women employees in Scottish local government, and how it has changed over the years. It examines factors influencing the workforce participation of women and suggests some ways in which councils could influence this.

Open Consultations: Scottish Energy Strategy, Energy Efficiency, District Heating

March 7, 2017

Scottish Government has released a series of consultations on national climate change and energy plans. This briefing covers the consultation on the new Energy Strategy, with its two annexed consultations on the new Scottish Energy Efficiency Programme, and proposed Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies/District Heating regulations

Open Consultation: Scottish Climate Change Plan 2017

March 7, 2017

Scottish government has released a series of consultations on their climate change and energy plans. This briefing covers the consultation, open until March 2017, on the Scottish Climate Change Plan 2017: the third report on policies and proposals since the Climate Change Act 2009.

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