A look at Café Solace – Gold Award winner at the 2017 COSLA Excellence Awards

November 29, 2017

Mark Gallagher, Lead Officer at North Ayrshire Drug and Alcohol Partnership, describes the amazing impact of the ‘Café Solace’ project, and what made it a…

Manchester v the Cayman Isles?

November 28, 2017

An unusual week in politics last week where Brexit wasn’t the only story in town – with the UK Budget equalling it in headlines.

The real deal? City Region Deals and the Budget

November 24, 2017

Among the announcements in this week’s budget was the Chancellor’s affirmation that he is working towards more city deals for Scotland – a Tay Cities…


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Lessons from the Greater Manchester Experiment

October 3, 2017

In the first of three essays LGiU is publishing on the future of local government, Andrew Walker discusses the Greater Manchester experiment in devolution, lessons learned so far and challenges that remain, which will be of interest to councils in Scotland.

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