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Recent contributors include:

  • Ruth Fry, Corporate Communications Manager at Perth and Kinross Council
  • Professor John H. McKendrick, Glasgow School for Business and Society
  • James Mitchell, Director of Academy of Government, Edinburgh University
  • Paul Cairney, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling and fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change

We post regular content from our network of local government briefing associates and practitioners, both UK-based and internationally, who contribute ideas about a wide range of policy issues. We are dynamically resounding to members needs and the fast changing economic, social and political environment.

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Progress on City Region Deals: Update

August 14, 2018

City Region Deals are agreements in place between Scottish Government, UK Government and local government. This briefing acts as an update on our previous briefings on city deals.

Health and social care round-up: July 2018

August 10, 2018

The health, public health and social care round-up summarises new policy, research and publications that are relevant to elected members and officers interested in health and social care. It is intended to be a digested read and provides links to the source documentation of major reports for further consideration.

Brexit: The Future Relationship Between the UK and the EU

August 9, 2018

The proposals in the white paper will be discussed with the EU negotiators during the summer as a package with the negotiations about the terms of UK’s withdrawal. Time is short. What are the key points raised and the challenges posed by the white paper?

Combatting Loneliness and Social Exclusion

August 7, 2018

This briefing introduces the problem of loneliness and social isolation in modern societies. Local governments and organisations are extremely important actors capable of orchestrating a social response to this complex issue.

Sustainable tourism or fatal attraction?

August 2, 2018

Tourism has often been pointed to as a possible source of income, jobs and development in more deprived areas of the UK. However, it presents its own opportunities and challenges. This briefing examines some of the advantages and disadvantages of encouraging tourism, particularly in more rural or remote areas.

What are the Irish doing? Another 5 innovative local government programmes

July 31, 2018

We’re continuing our popular summaries of some of the winning projects, with another batch of Irish good local government practice updates. Given the many similarities between Ireland and Scotland, they’ll make useful reading for anybody working in Scottish local government.

Swift Read: Councils’ use of arm’s-length organisations

July 24, 2018

This briefing outlines the main findings of the Audit Scotland report on ALEOs, and what the future direction for ALEOs might be. It will be particularly useful to new councillors and non-specialists seeking background information and an understanding of the main issues.

School Performance and Accountability Update: Recent Research

July 22, 2018

Recent research publications on school performance from non-governmental bodies have implications for the school accountability system and the future role of local government in school improvement including support for the increasing number of academies in difficulties. This briefing looks at the publications.

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