Swift Read: Play it, SAM – the case for the Single Authority Model

June 5, 2018

SAM’s simple premise is that efficiency, economy of scale and effective delivery of services are all best served in an island context by merging the public agencies operating co-terminously on the ground, rather than merging each one with its opposite numbers in other local authority areas.

Baseline assessment in primary education

June 4, 2018

The Government is planning to introduce a new method of assessing children when they enter the reception class of primary schools at the age of four. This will lead eventually to a progress measurement across the seven years of primary education, and an accountability measure for the schools.

The decline of local newspapers – a decline in local democracy?

June 1, 2018

This briefing summarises the current state of local newspapers and its likely impact on local democracy, and will be interesting to local authority members and officers with responsibility for communities, the voluntary and community sector, policy and democratic services.

Urban Van Traffic: questions and challenges

May 31, 2018

Local authorities in Scotland manage over 53 thousand kilometres of roads, and, as recent estimates show the volume of traffic on Scotland's roads is at its highest level ever, this briefing will be of interest to elected members and officers with responsibility for transport planning, air quality etc.

Unregistered school and education settings

May 28, 2018

This briefing is part of a set of briefings covering the Government’s school and pupil related consultation documents and policy statements published following the MHCLG’s Integrated Communities Strategy. This one is on the regulation, or otherwise, of unregistered schools and other out of school education settings and the local authority…

What are the Irish Doing? 5 more innovative local government Initiatives

May 24, 2018

We’re continuing our popular summaries of some of the winning programmes, with another batch of Irish good Local government practice updates. Given the many similarities between Ireland and Scotland, they’ll make useful reading for anybody working in Scottish local government.

Independent Assessment of the Clean Growth Plan: From Ambition to Action

May 23, 2018

The Clean Growth Strategy outlines Government plans to meet the legal targets contained within the UK Climate Change Act. While local authorities were not explicitly mentioned much in the plan, many of the policies required to deliver on it are in sectors with local authority influence and responsibility.

Scottish Climate Change Plan 2018 – 2032

May 22, 2018

The briefing gives an overview of the CCC analysis, and then highlights the main policies and proposals in the buildings, transport and waste sectors. Additional notes on what has changed since the draft plan was published in 2017 are then provided. 

People Power: Findings from the Commission on the Future of Localism

May 17, 2018

his briefing looks at the report from the Commission on the Future of Localism. It summarises the report’s findings and recommendations and will be of interest to members and officers working on community development and engagement, as well as anyone interested in devolution and the localism agenda.