Swift Read: Young People’s Experiences of Scottish Education

October 24, 2017

This briefing will be of interest to anyone working in education, children’s and adult’s services, and economic policy and includes insights into how young people perceive support services throughout their transition to adulthood and have access to economic opportunities.

Briefing: Will Brexit Happen?

October 23, 2017

This is a briefing from an Irish perspective that we think will be interesting for Scottish readers. Speaking recently at a meeting of the Belgian Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, Dr Peter Brennan of the Public Policy Advisors Network sets out his current thinking on Brexit.

Child Protection: HMIC inspection of Metropolitan Police Service

October 20, 2017

The report includes many observations and examples of good and bad practice from which police forces and agencies involved in child protection will be able to learn. It will be of interest to LA officers and elected members with child protection responsibilities, particularly those in contact with the police.

Review of Business Rates in Scotland – A missed opportunity?

October 17, 2017

The Barclay Review of Business Rates report was eagerly awaited by businesses, trade bodies, professionals, ratepayers, Councils and members of the public. It took around one year to complete and includes thirty individual recommendations. This article looks at the findings of the review, and considers the main issues and implications…

Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham – Alexis Jay report

October 13, 2017

The report of the Independent Inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, conducted by Alexis Jay OBE, was published by Rotherham Borough Council on 26 August 2014. This briefing contains a short summary of the report, and focuses more on the reaction to it and the implications for local authorities…

Data Protection: step change or revolution?

October 6, 2017

This briefing outlines the reforms introduced by the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR) to individual rights, and summarises the governance and accountability mechanisms that underpin the new regime, and with which local authorities must comply.