Planning for Affordable Housing

March 9, 2019

The Town and Country Planning Association has published Planning for Affordable Housing. The TCPA’s Planning for Affordable Housing project examines how the planning system is delivering affordable housing and how it can be supported to do so in a manner which greater reflects local needs.

Brexit and the UK Economy

March 8, 2019

How has the UK economy developed since the EU referendum, and how does this compare with what was said before the referendum? Economic considerations are not the only issue in the Brexit debate, but the economic implications of Brexit are likely to be profound and need to be clearly understood.

Veg out: why 5 A Day hasn’t worked

March 7, 2019

This briefing looks at the reasons the 5 A Day campaign has failed to improve people’s eating habits, and how barriers to change could be removed. It is likely to be useful to those with an interest in public health or behaviour change.

DfE: Improving the educational outcomes of Children in Need

March 6, 2019

Children in Need are children on a Child Protection Plan, Looked-after, disabled or otherwise supported by social workers. DfE has researched how to improve the educational outcomes of these children. This is part of our School Report briefing series, reporting on education in England.

20 years of (uneasy?) co-existence: the Scottish Parliament and Scottish councils

March 5, 2019

The relative position of local government in Scotland has been a continuing topic of discussion and sometimes tension in the Scottish Parliament for the 20 years of its existence. This briefing discusses some of these instances, explores possible underlying reasons for such tensions and suggests some future possibilities for local…

Off-rolling in English schools

March 4, 2019

There is growing interest in ‘off-rolling’, the removal of pupils from school rolls possibly in order to enhance a school’s league table position. This briefing looks at recent research into this phenomenon, and is part of our School Report briefing series, reporting on education in England.

Mobility as a Service: Transport Select Committee Report

March 1, 2019

Mobility as a Service describes services which allow users to plan and book travel on multiple modes of transport from different providers in a single transaction. The Transport Select Committee’s report calls on the government to take a much more active role in shaping the future development of MaaS.

The local government officer – is it time for a change?

February 28, 2019

Councils are facing substantial challenges, and this has led to an increased need for its workforce to change and adapt. The skills and experience needed will be broader then the technical expertise that has stood many in good stead historically.