The EU Referendum and UK Environmental Policy

May 13, 2016

Summary A number of new reports have analysed the interactions between EU and UK environmental policy, and the potential impacts of a vote to leave the EU in June. These reports include the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee “EU and UK Environmental Policy” (April 2016), which this brief focuses…

What does the community empowerment agenda mean for development planning in Scotland?

May 10, 2016

Summary Draft guidance on community empowerment includes a number of implications for development planning, notably the requirement to prepare locality plans in areas of multiple socioeconomic disadvantage. Local authorities need to think about how they can knit together these new plans with their existing development plan responsibilities, with further changes…

Audit Commission 2016 Overview Report on Local Government

May 2, 2016

Local authorities are caught between a rock and a hard place – spending reductions and an increased demand on services. This briefing looks at the Audit Commission’s overview of local government in Scotland, recently published. What are the key challenges local authorities are facing and how can they respond?

Feel the power – community planning comes of age

April 20, 2016

This briefing highlights aspects of the Scottish Government’s consultation on draft guidance to parts of the Community Empowerment Act which are new, unexpected or controversial, or where the consultation is asking for input on a decision that could have significant implications in terms of implementation.

Connected Councils: A Digital Vision of Local Government in 2025

April 14, 2016

This re-circulated briefing summarises this NESTA report from its public service transformation network. Written for LGiU in England, LGiU Scotland recipients may find it of interest. We will be looking at this issue from the Scottish perspective in a future briefing.

The Place Standard: A Scottish tool to get people talking about places

April 11, 2016

A partnership of agencies has published the Place Standard, a simple question and answer tool to help evaluate the quality of a place, considering social assets, as well as physical and environmental, and designed to support local people and the public, private and community sectors to work together more effectively.