The Business of Non-Domestic Rates in Scotland

October 8, 2015

Business rate reform is happening in England. Will change follow in Scotland? This Scottish briefing examines the complex impact of NDR on Scottish organisations; the Scottish government budget; and the implications for local authorities that could be responsible for setting 'local Business Rates'.

Refugees, Asylum and Immigration: a primer

October 6, 2015

Global movement and displacement of persons has reached almost unprecedented levels. This briefing provides an overview of the rules governing immigration and asylum seeking in the UK, a statistical overview of trends, and an overview of what is known of the local economic and social impacts of migration.

Travel To Work Areas (TTWAs) and local labour market statistics

October 2, 2015

Travel To Work Areas (TTWAs) have been essential components of contextual information for strategic planning and a range of related physical and economic policies and programmes. This briefing looks at lessons and issues arising from the August 2015 ONS publication of TTWAs based on the 2011 census

TTIP: October 2015 update

October 1, 2015

The TTIP remains contentious. What stage have the negotiations reached? How are the debates going on transparency and protection of public services? What is the response across EU local government to TTIP? This briefing updates members on what has been happening across the EU.

State of the Nation

September 28, 2015

This briefing looks at the big picture of local government since devolution and ahead to the 2016 Holyrood elections. Devolution hasn’t reversed decades of centralisation for local government. Now is a good time to revisit original thinking from devolution’s outset about the relationship between local and central government in Scotland.