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The Meaning of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit

12 Sep 2019 in Briefings

Although the possibility of a no deal Brexit has fallen, it could still happen. This briefing sets out the likely consequences of no deal. It includes a summary of government preparations, with a focus on operation Yellowhammer.

The Regional and Sectoral Impacts of Brexit

27 Aug 2019 in Briefings

This briefing deals with what has been said so far about specific regional and sectoral impacts of Brexit; it concludes with a brief review of the meaning of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which has recently come to be considered as a serious policy option in the current debate.

Brexit Update August 2019

27 Aug 2019 in Briefings

What has the new regime in number 10 meant for local government in relation to brexit planning and how are councils meant to prepare for a possible no deal brexit? We consider some of the possible economic and constitutional implications and challenges facing councils – both immediate and more long-term.

When work doesn’t pay enough: in-work poverty

22 Aug 2019 in Briefings

There are more people working in the UK than ever before. Yet research highlights a growing phenomenon of in-work poverty. Local authorities can use their resources to act independently and collaboratively to tackle in-work poverty head on.

Resolution Foundation: Low Pay Britain 2019

21 Aug 2019 in Briefings

This report coincides with two anniversaries: the twentieth year of the National Minimum Wage and the fourth full year of the National Living Wage, started in 2016. Set against a background in which both main parties are committing to raising the wage floor, it considers progress in tackling low pay.

Swift Read: Local government finance – facts and figures

20 Aug 2019 in Briefings

Scottish Parliament Information Centre published its annual briefing of useful financial statistics in July 2019. This Swift Read aims to summarise the briefing and to pick out some key statistics to help to identify how the financial landscape is changing and how individual Scottish councils are being affected.

Swift Read: Brexit and local government – the Government responds

6 Aug 2019 in Briefings

The Government responded recently to the recent HCLG committee report on brexit and local government. It says it has found strategic engagement with local government on brexit valuable and accepts all of the committee’s recommendations ‘in spirit and in principle’, but key detail and timescales remain unclear.

BEIS Committee Report: Sector Deals

28 Jun 2019 in Briefings

The BEIS Committee’s report on industrial strategy addresses the processes of securing sector deals and what has been achieved or agreed through them so far. The process has tended to favour sectors that have already received significant state funding and ignoring the challenge of the ‘long tail’ of low productivity.