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The Essential Guide to Local Government Communications

20 Dec 2018 in Reports

Effective media relations are important to all organisations, including local authorities. Regardless of whether you are a councillor or an officer, it is important to not just understand how the media works but know the best ways to establish a good rapport with journalists. Councils may not always like how their work is reported, but […]

Brexit and local government – the story so far

31 Oct 2018 in Reports

This new long read looks at the brexit issues of most relevance to local government – it focuses on four critical ones: how has local government been involved; European funding; the future public sector workforce; and devolution and subsidiarity.

The Essential Guide to Local Government Finance

27 Sep 2018 in Reports

This collection collates LGiU Scotland content from 2017 and early 2018 on finance, covering everything from a basic guide to local government finance to a look at the latest Accounts Commission report into local government finance, as well as issues relating to private finance, business and commercial approaches.

Cities on the Rise – Actions for Local Government

16 Aug 2018 in Reports

LGiU Scotland attended the Academy of Urbanism's 2018 congress - Cities on the Rise - to focus in on key points that local authorities might find useful, and to feed back the relevant learning to our members. This report covers material on building democratic cities, anticipating the driverless future, and the new urban crisis.

Reviving localism: three challenges

20 Feb 2018 in Reports

In January 2017, the LGiU committed to exploring three core policy questions over the course of the year: Finance: How should local government be funded? Democracy: How can we strengthen local democracy? Services: How do we design public services that are fit for the future? This series of essays draws on the last year of […]

Lessons from the Greater Manchester Experiment

3 Oct 2017 in Reports

In the first of three essays LGiU is publishing on the future of local government, Andrew Walker discusses the Greater Manchester experiment in devolution, lessons learned so far and challenges that remain, which will be of interest to councils in Scotland.