Report: The Essential Guide to Local Government Finance

Finance is one of our most popular topics for LGiU Scotland members, particularly during a time where council budgets are under pressure and  demand on services remains high. We expect this trend, both in our readership interests and in funding matters, to continue. This collection collates LGiU Scotland content from 2017 and early 2018 on finance, covering everything from a basic guide to local government finance to a look at the latest Accounts Commission report into local government finance, as well as issues relating to private finance, business and commercial approaches.

We will continue to commission work on finance-related topics, and for the remainder of 2018 we will cover the latest ALEOs (Arms Length External Organisations) report, and income generation ideas for local authorities, including tourist taxes and sales taxes both at home and internationally. This will lead us into the Autumn 2018/19 budget process, on both a Scottish and UK level and that will then take us into 2019.

A huge thanks to the authors that wrote the content in this guide:

  • George Black
  • Andrew Jones
  • Mike Woods
  • Mark Barrow
  • David Marlow
  • LGiU Team

All of this content, and much more, can be accessed by members via in our briefings archive

27 Sep 2018
LGiU Scotland
Finance, Services
Full report (PDF, 1.15 MB)